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is best known for his explorations in sound, story telling and songwriting that draw from the wide open landscapes of the Southwest of which he grew up around. As a multi-instrumentalist, Fenzi concocts a diverse array of sounds and styles that draw from all over the world while finding inspiration through “big picture” story-telling. City Pages describes it as: "Fenzi imagines it like a movie, with each song a different scene."

"WTF" was released in the summer of 2017 as Fenzi's debut album as well as his first experience in the role of a group leader. Throughout the record, Warren performs and records almost all of the instruments himself.





Since it's release, "WTF" has found a home among fans as a powerful concept album, with each song flowing into the next, leading the listener on  journey of loss, acceptance and letting go.


In the winter of 2018, Warren released his second project, “Viven”. Expanding upon his previous work, Fenzi arranged “Viven” as a 3-part composition with each song flowing directly into one another, creating a seamless rollercoaster of emotion.  In Spanish, “Viven” translates to "They Live" or "To Live", "To Be Alive", "To Live Through"... "To Exist". With this sentiment as a foundation, the EP delivers on all fronts with calming, air-like synths, full string sections, gut-wrenching distortion and deeply intimate acoustic elements, paired with the beauty of field-recordings. 


On February 21st, 2020, Warren unveiled and began the release of “Live in the Atrium”, with a song being released every week, similar to episodes of a show/series. Taking things a step further in the direction of cinematically inspired art, “Live in the Atrium” is a full-length video album, with each song being accompanied by a video. Consisting of purely acoustic instruments, the album was recorded and filmed live in an Atrium in Northeast Minneapolis. The goal was to revel and flourish in the beauty that is acoustic performance as well as truly capture the magic that is: people, in a room, together... making music. No overdubs, no added reverb… just humans in all of their glorious imperfections. Similar to Fenzi's previous works, "Live in the Atrium" is drenched in Warren's love for long-form storytelling.

“Live in the Atrium” begins with the remembrance and nostalgia of Monsoon Season in the desert, directly referencing Warren’s upbringing in Arizona with “Summer Wading”. Throughout the record, Fenzi touches on the longing for true love and allowing rest (“Sunday”), following your dreams (or not) (“The Cubicle”) and coming to terms with the fact that our darkest hours actually turn out to be our most powerful assets (“Everturning” and “I Was New”).


Throughout his work, Warren has found a home in allowing each song to act more as a question rather than an answer... inviting his listeners on a journey of introspection, . One thing is certain: Warren’s work maintains a message of honesty, growth and transformation as he continues to evolve his art with an unyielding earnestness that is undeniable.


"For me personally, this is easily one of the best songs I’ve heard these two months. And one of the reasons is the way it will grow on you (like it grew on me)"..."gorgeous." - Where The Music Meets (Jose Baptista Coelho)

"Last Saturday I heard 'Summer Wading' for the first time and got goose bumps from head to toe. Warren Thomas Fenzi wrote an incredibly sensitive and fragile song that reminds me of the intensity of Sigur Ró's songs." - We Love That Sound

"...Fenzi used his learned talent to create a vivid and picturesque score..." - The Northeaster (Marla Khan-Schwartz)

"WTF is a concept album—Fenzi imagines it like a movie, with each song a different scene." - City Pages (Erica Rivera)

"...each song flows seamlessly into the next and lyrics reflect stories of self-growth." - Minnesota Daily (Ksenia Gorinshteyn)

"...chances are you have been part of communications that are not informative, healthy, or even necessary (roughly 99% of communications on Twitter for instance)... 'Live Outside' is a rock/pop tune that encourages folks to get their noses out of their screens and start engaging with the world." - Reviler (Jon Behm)

"They’re catchy songs he wrote earlier in the process, tunes that might remind some of Band of Horses and The Decemberists in some respects." - LaCrosse Tribune (Randy Erickson)

"Since my recent infatuation with WTF’s single, 'We Were Never Meant To Stay The Same' doesn’t seem to be waning in the least"..."I loved–strong beats, beautiful acoustic guitar, and vocals from yourself and Maria Starr that break my heart in the best way each time that I listen..." - Rift Magazine (Rebecca Marx)