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 “Settle in the space between, It’s where the flowers like to grow.”


Exploring the complexity of life choices, Warren Thomas Fenzi challenges any clear line between generalities, inner truth and self doubt. Suspended, he peers into a looking glass, exploring the possibility that what we believe to be legitimate and authentic, may not be so.


While inviting his listeners on a journey of introspection, Fenzi fosters an ongoing curiosity and examination of the emotional disunion we often find ourselves in. As a multi-instrumentalist, his explorations in sound and songwriting lay the foundation for what has become his unique style of cinematic, musical storytelling.



Since releasing his debut album, Fenzi has performed on multiple national radio and television programs; toured the US, opening for well known artists such as; Mother Mother, Kyle Craft, and Walker Lukens, and has received both national and international critical acclaim through radio, print and new media.


As an independent, self published artist, Fenzi has grown a loyal following. He has been a part of multiple musical projects, establishing himself as a progressive leader and front man.  His long standing position as head of artist relations at a renowned venue has given him the opportunity to sharpen his understanding of the relationship between production and performance within the music industry.


“Garden Street,” his new, upcoming dual album release takes the listener one step farther along a pictorial musical path that explores the duality of life. This project reaches for the rich fabric of diversity, dissonance, harmony and the thin line we all walk between The Upside and The Downside. With each song from the project being released singularly, Fenzi underscores his unique style of storytelling.


Fenzi’s debut album, ”WTF,” was released in the summer of 2017 followed by "Viven" in 2019. With both compositions finding good acclaim, he laid the foundation for what is his unique style.


"Live in the Atrium,” released in 2020, consists of purely acoustic instruments, recorded and filmed live in an atrium in northeast Minneapolis. The album revels in the beauty of acoustic performance as well as truly captures the magic that is: people, a room, a moment in time, together... making music.  No overdubs, no added reverb. Similar to Fenzi's previous works, "Live in the Atrium" is drenched in Warren's love for cinematic story lines. The entire album is accompanied by a video for each song.


Throughout his work, Fenzi has found a home in allowing each song to act more as a question rather than an answer. One thing is certain: Warren’s work maintains a message of honesty, growth and transformation as he continues to evolve his art with an unyielding earnestness that is undeniable.



"...his sonority sounds deep and energetic, and with the kind of novelty that we tend to rarely find in today’s music...I feel comfortable shouting this as one of the best songs I’ve heard this year." Where The Music Meets (José Baptista Coelho)

"...An intimate look inside the mind of the talented singer-songwriter...Warren’s certainly made an impression as a true one to watch." - Unrecorded (Toni Walker)

" artist who is innovating the indie-folk genre, and we are sure that he is destined for significant things in the 2020s." - FV Music Blog

"...Warren Thomas Fenzi effortlessly ensnares your senses with his sound." - The Other Side Reviews (Nicole Mendes)

"...Warren manages, in the end, to bring a feeling of positivity and faith..." - Roadie Music (Gleison Junior)

"...If the album is a reflection of what this track is, then it can quite easily be one of the best double-albums of the year - something to keep your ears tuned in on!" - It's All Indie (Fred Bambridge)

"...a wonderfully warm and nostalgic melody that ties everything together to make ‘If I Had a Dime’ an equally enjoyable and attention-grabbing tune." - Indie Top 39

"...Add shoegazey guitar and the salt spray of an ocean wave and we are instantly at ease with this indie songwriting classic..." Havoc Underground

" can expect much more from the singer’s upcoming duel album and should excitedly await the next single release..." - The Luna Collective 

"For me personally, this is easily one of the best songs I’ve heard these two months. And one of the reasons is the way it will grow on you (like it grew on me)"..."gorgeous." - Where The Music Meets (Jose Baptista Coelho)

"Last Saturday I heard 'Summer Wading' for the first time and got goose bumps from head to toe. Warren Thomas Fenzi wrote an incredibly sensitive and fragile song that reminds me of the intensity of Sigur Ró's songs." - We Love That Sound

"...Fenzi used his learned talent to create a vivid and picturesque score..." - The Northeaster (Marla Khan-Schwartz)

"WTF is a concept album—Fenzi imagines it like a movie, with each song a different scene." - City Pages (Erica Rivera)

"...each song flows seamlessly into the next and lyrics reflect stories of self-growth." - Minnesota Daily (Ksenia Gorinshteyn)

"Since my recent infatuation with WTF’s single, 'We Were Never Meant To Stay The Same' doesn’t seem to be waning in the least"..."I loved–strong beats, beautiful acoustic guitar, and vocals from yourself and Maria Starr that break my heart in the best way each time that I listen..." - Rift Magazine (Rebecca Marx)

"...chances are you have been part of communications that are not informative, healthy, or even necessary (roughly 99% of communications on Twitter for instance)... 'Live Outside' is a rock/pop tune that encourages folks to get their noses out of their screens and start engaging with the world." - Reviler (Jon Behm)

"They’re catchy songs he wrote earlier in the process, tunes that might remind some of Band of Horses and The Decemberists in some respects." - LaCrosse Tribune (Randy Erickson)

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