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Boston at Night_3kx3k_WithText.jpg


I stayed all night, just to lay and wake with you,
And it felt alright doing all the things our mother’s told us not to,
I was scared you would see it in my eyes,
The boiling blood, filling up,
With a different kind of light,

We stayed all night, I still smell you in my sheets,
The lights in Boston had frosted, on the vacant city streets, 
And nothing compared to the way you made me feel,
It was something awful, something soft,
Something real…

Don’t break me,
I’m yours,
Finding all your innocence was something worth fighting for,
So take me,
I’m yours…

We stayed all night, waking just us two,
But you seemed uptight, I could smell that dirty elephant in the room,
I was scared you wouldn’t see it in my eyes,
So I spoke roughly, three little words to free my tethered mind…

Don’t break me,
I’m yours,
Coaxing out my innocence was not something you could afford,
So take me,
I’m yours.


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Inspired by my time living in Boston, MA, "Boston at Night" speaks to the adventure, beauty and pain of falling in love for the first time.



Written and arranged by Warren Thomas Fenzi
Produced by Warren Thomas Fenzi and Colin Loynachan
Engineered and mixed by Colin Loynachan at “The Swamp” in Minneapolis, MN
Mastered by Eric Martin
Photographed by Josh Hild
Illustrations by Anabel Johnson
Designed by Alex Munro

Warren Thomas Fenzi: electric guitar, mellotron and vocals
Colin Loynachan: electric guitar
Leng Moua: bass guitar
Brett Bjornrud: drums
David Tullis: percussion (congas)

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