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All Night Long - Hi Res Artwork.jpg

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We're always waiting for something. Maybe it's already here?


Be patient with the sunlight,
And all the melodies it combines,
You can only piece it all at once,

In the stead of all your fake fights,
While passing out within the dim light,
You have only lived the way you’ve known…

Alright now,
We’re living for,
Always living for something,
Always living for something…

All night long,
We’re waiting for,
Always waiting for something,
Always waiting for something…

Just leave it, that’s the way it goes,
All those halo’s on your bedpost,
They’re seeming to be free and aiming home,

You’ll believe it once you’ve seen it,
So fuck that evidence you grieve with,
We can only reap the crops we’ve sewn…



Written and arranged by Warren Thomas Fenzi
Produced by Warren Thomas Fenzi and 
Colin Loynachan
Engineered and mixed by Colin Loynachan at 
“The Swamp” in Minneapolis, MN
Mastered by Eric Martin
Photographed by Josh Hild
Illustrations by Anabel Johnson
Designed by Alex Munro

Warren Thomas Fenzi: electric guitar, vocals and synth
Colin Loynachan: electric guitar and organ
Brett Bjornrud: drum set and percussion
Leng Moua: electric bass

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