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Settle in,
The space between,
It’s where the flowers like to grow,

Dole it out,
Reel it in,
‘Couple things that I don’t know,

Just give it time and the chance to grow,
It seems the truth’s on holiday,
The more I learn the less I know,
Of cat and mouse, this fickle game,

Waking up,
Sleeping in,
Living on the breath of the day,

It’s all of us,
Just be a friend,
There’s too much talk with nothing to say,

Just give it time and the chance to grow,
It seems the truth’s on holiday,
The more I learn the less I know,
“Holier-than-thou”, this righteous game,

Just give it time and the chance to rearrange,
Haven’t seen the truth all day,
At the worst we stay the same,
At the least, we make a change.



Written and arranged by Warren Thomas Fenzi
Produced by Warren Thomas Fenzi and 
Colin Loynachan
Engineered and mixed by Colin Loynachan at 
“The Swamp” in Minneapolis, MN
Mastered by Eric Martin
Photographed by Josh Hild
Illustrations by Anabel Johnson
Designed by Alex Munro

Warren Thomas Fenzi: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, synth bass and vocals
Colin Loynachan: acoustic guitar

Well if there happened to be a theme song for “Garden Street”, this would probably be it.

A lot of the time I don’t really know how to feel about most things anymore since my opinions seem to change like the seasons. In a time where things feel so divided I often find myself frustrated with what I see online, in the world and how we treat one another when we disagree or fail to see eye-to-eye. Without simplifying deeply complex issues, I do find myself falling back on a saying that has served me time and time again, because god knows I can act like I know everything (which couldn’t be farther from the truth).


But the universe has a funny way of humbling me on a regular basis.

For me, seeking to understand rather than to be understood seems like a really good place to start. The last thing I would ever want would be to wake up one day and realize that I’ve become a miserable fuck who thinks they know everything. So… “Settle in the space between, it’s where the flowers like to grow”. Listen to one another. Try to understand one another. Try not to condemn one another just because we disagree on a certain topic and I’ll try my best to do the same.

I believe in the goodness of human beings, no matter who you are or what you believe. And as I get older, the more comfortable I feel with admitting that… I don’t know.

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