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Take a Minute_3kx3k_WithText.jpg


I think it’s time to move on,
Let that sunshine glow,
Lay it out on the lawn,
Let your hair down,
We could live somewhere,
We could live up in the trees,
Take it out on a branch,
Shootin’ nothing but breeze,

Take a minute and slow.

I think it’s time to move on,
Let that green grass grow,
I’ve been waiting so long,
Just to heal out on my own,
We could live somewhere,
We could live up in the air,
I can see it right now,
It ain’t that far away,

Take a minute and slow.

I think it’s time to calm down,
I think it’s time to let go,
There’s no right or wrong,
Just patience,
We could live anywhere,
We could float out on the sea,
Catch a wave back home,
Overcome anything,

If we take a minute and slow.

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I'm the kind of person who has a really hard time relaxing (as crazy as that sounds). I feel the constant need to be doing something... all the time! Over the past decade of my life, I feel as though I've tried my best to work really hard at what I love, but I have the tendency to fall into an "all or nothing" style of thinking which has resulted in me burning out... a couple times.

"Take a Minute" is a reminder to myself to seek balance in my life, slow down, and accept the fact that sometimes, it's really just time to let things go and move on to the next chapter of our lives. The song represents the blissful and hopeful feelings of coming to the realization that it's time to make a change, and rather than looking upon the past as a bad thing (regardless of what happened), understanding that it was ultimately a catalyst for growth that has brought us to where we are today. And in that, holding hope for the future and gratitude for everything that has happened ("good" and "bad").



Written and arranged by Warren Thomas Fenzi
Produced by Warren Thomas Fenzi and 
Colin Loynachan
Engineered and mixed by Colin Loynachan at 
“The Swamp” in Minneapolis, MN
Mastered by Eric Martin
Photographed by Josh Hild
Illustrations by Anabel Johnson
Designed by Alex Munro

Warren Thomas Fenzi: electric guitar and vocals
Colin Loynachan: back-up vocals, electric guitar and grand piano

Leng Moua: bass guitar

Brett Bjornrud: drums and percussion

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