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"Good Mood" represents a love letter from myself to the Southwest, where I grew up. As a young man growing up in Arizona, I certainly took a lot for granted in terms of the beauty that surrounded me and it wasn't until I moved away that I realized how lucky I was to grow up in such a gorgeous environment. I find a lot of comfort in the ability to see for long distances. It brings me a lot of peace. The Southwest will always hold a very special place in my heart.


The desert holds some weight,
Deep within my mind,
You can see for miles and miles alone,
And on the days that it rained,
We got a break from the sun,
And how the clouds would billow and roll away,

And I’d say…

I have lived with all my mistakes,
And I will love you all my life,
And I could come back home to feel your smile,
But only when the time is right,

So we took it up the mountain side,
To see the valley below,
And feel the warm winds blowing through our hair now,
And you said…

I have lived with all your mistakes,
And I will love you all your life,
But you ain’t losing sleep in the daylight anymore,
And it’s only because I’m by your side…

I’m ready to fall in love again,
I’m ready to do my part,
I’m ready to go just tell me when,
We’re bringing it back to the start



Written and arranged by Warren Thomas Fenzi
Produced by Warren Thomas Fenzi and 
Colin Loynachan
Engineered and mixed by Colin Loynachan at 
“The Swamp” in Minneapolis, MN
Mastered by Eric Martin
Photographed by Josh Hild
Illustrations by Anabel Johnson
Designed by Alex Munro

Warren Thomas Fenzi: electric guitar and vocals
Colin Loynachan: electric guitar
Leng Moua: bass guitar
Brett Bjornrud: drums and percussion
Jillian Rae: violin, viola and back-up vocals

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