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1) Summer Wading

2) Sunday

3) The Cubicle

4) Blacken the Sun

5) Peelin' Away

6) Everturning

7) I Was New


Capitalizing on the beauty that is acoustic performance, "Live in the Atrium" lives and breathes with no overdubs, no added reverb, no auto-tune... just humans, in a room, making music together.

Written and Arranged by Warren Thomas Fenzi

Performed by Warren Thomas Fenzi (Vocals,Guitar), Bailey Cogan (Vocals, Keys), Daniel Chavez (Trumpet, Vocals), Karl Remus (Vocals, Guitar), Christian Wheeler (Drums, Vocals), Julia Floberg (Cello), Mikaela Marget (Cello), Sarah Ogden (Cello) and Elena Denny (Cello).

String Arrangements by Colin Loynachan

Recorded, Produced and Mixed by Colin Loynachan

Mastered by Bruce Templeton at Microphonic Mastering

Live Videos Shot by Alex Munro and Garrett Wells

Live Video Production Assistance by Charlie Berg

Live Video Edits by Alex Munro

Cinematic Videos by Warren Thomas Fenzi

Recorded live in the A-Mill Artist Loft "Atrium"

©Warren Thomas Fenzi 2020

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Everturning Title Text.jpg

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On February 21st, 2020, Warren unveiled and began the release of “Live in the Atrium”, with a song being released every week, similar to episodes of a show/series. Taking things a step further in the direction of cinematically inspired art, “Live in the Atrium” is a full-length video album, with each song being accompanied by a video.


Consisting of purely acoustic instruments, the album was recorded and filmed live in an Atrium in Northeast Minneapolis. The goal was to revel and flourish in the beauty that is acoustic performance as well as truly capture the magic that is: people, in a room, together... making music. No overdubs, no added reverb… just humans in all of their glorious imperfections. Similar to Fenzi's previous works, "Live in the Atrium" is drenched in Warren's love for long-form storytelling.

“Live in the Atrium” begins with the remembrance and nostalgia of Monsoon Season in the desert, directly referencing Warren’s upbringing in Arizona with “Summer Wading”. Throughout the record, Fenzi touches on the longing for true love and allowing rest (“Sunday”), following your dreams (or not) (“The Cubicle”) and coming to terms with the fact that our darkest hours actually turn out to be our most powerful assets (“Everturning” and “I Was New”).

Summer Wading Title Text.jpg
Sunday Title Text.jpg
The Cubicle Title Text.jpg
Peelin' Away Title Text.jpg
I Was New Title Text.jpg
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