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Sunday is the one day of the week I try to truly allow myself to be free of worry and let things happen. As someone who has a hard time letting go and allowing healing and rejuvenation to take place, "Sunday" represents the reminder and necessity that rest is needed. It is an ode to the easy-going nature of finding love within yourself and another person. It is the asking; a yearning to find your soulmate. It is the belief that they are out there and all of your desires are on their way.



Written, Arranged and Produced by Warren Thomas Fenzi

Warren Thomas Fenzi - Lead Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Percussion and Sound Engineer.

Karl Remus - Electric Bass, Back-Up Vocals and Sound Engineer.

Bailey Cogan - Keys, Back-Up Vocals.

Daniel Chavez - Synth.

Christian Wheeler - Electric Guitar and Mixing/Mastering Engineer.

Recorded at 434 Studios.

Artwork by Louise Fenzi-Haag


© Warren Thomas Fenzi 2019

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