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In the winter of 2019, Warren released his second project, “Viven”. Expanding upon his previous work, Fenzi arranged “Viven” as a 3-part composition with each song flowing directly into one another, creating a seamless rollercoaster of emotion.  In Spanish, “Viven” translates to "They Live" or "To Live", "To Be Alive", "To Live Through"... "To Exist". With this sentiment as a foundation, the EP delivers on all fronts with calming, air-like synths, full string sections, gut-wrenching distortion and deeply intimate acoustic elements, paired with the beauty of field-recordings. 


1) Hey Viven!

2) Teach Me How To Hate

3) Viven (Reprise)



released January 4, 2019

Warren Thomas Fenzi: Lead Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Keys, Synths, Samples, Mixing and Engineer

Karl Remus: Bass, Back-up Vocals

Ross Hoyt: String Arrangements

Charlie Bruber: Bass

Bailey Cogan: Back-Up Vocals

Daniel Chavez: Trumpet and Trombone

Christian Wheeler: Mixing and Engineer

Bruce Templeton: Mastering Engineer

Album Artwork by David Rathman

Layout by Karl Remus

*Recorded at Warren’s home in NE Minneapolis*

©Warren Thomas Fenzi 2019

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