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Wit It Artwork (SQUARE FINAL) .jpg


Written, Arranged and Produced by Warren Thomas Fenzi
Engineered by Warren Thomas Fenzi and Karl Remus

Mixed and Mastered by Christian Wheeler 

Warren Thomas Fenzi - Lead Vocals, Electric Guitar, Drums  

Karl Remus - Electric Bass, “Hey!”s  

Bailey Cogan - Keys, “Hey!”s 

Daniel Chavez - Synth, “Hey!”s

Recorded at 434 Studios. 

Artwork by Louise Fenzi-Haag 

© Warren Thomas Fenzi 2019

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An ode to the struggle of effective communication. A call to the importance of speaking up, being unafraid to be wrong and being real with the people in your life.

"Wit It" touches on the balance and duality between being direct with those you love, while finding the right time to say what you need.

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