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1) We Were Never Meant to Stay The Same

2) Learning to Let Go

3) Wish I Would Have Called

4) Blacken The Sun

5) I'm Fighting

6) Thanks for the Compliment

7) Sunshine and Summer Days

8) I Don't Need You Here



All songs written and arranged by Warren Thomas Fenzi except "I'm Fighting", written and arranged by Warren Thomas Fenzi and Karl Remus.

Produced by Warren Thomas Fenzi and Christian Wheeler.

Executively Produced by Ryan Lane

Engineered by Warren Thomas Fenzi and Christian Wheeler.

Mixed and Mastered by Christian Wheeler.

Recorded at 434 Studios, Minneapolis, MN.

Warren Thomas Fenzi 2017 ©

Cover and interior art by Warren Thomas Fenzi.

Album layout and design by Ashley Erdman.

A special thanks to Paul Weissman, Baby Mama, Papa de la Noche, Gaga, The Remus', The Cogans, The Chavez', The Wheelers, The incredibly inspiring, hard working and forward thinking community of musicians and artists that we are privileged to call our friends and all of our beautiful supporters who believe in us. None of this is possible without your help.

Get your dreams.

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In the summer of 2017, Fenzi released his debut album titled "WTF". Born from his initials and inspired by a pillow that his aunt had sewn for him as a child, "WTF" found a home among fans as a powerful concept album, with each song flowing into the next, leading the listener on  journey of loss, acceptance and letting go. City Pages describes it as: "Fenzi imagines it like a movie, with each song a different scene." This would lay the foundation for the type of artist Warren would continue to grow into.

The project was crowd-funded via Kickstarter, raising over $8,600 and allowing Warren to print the album to Vinyl as well as hire a full string and horn section to perform live for the album release in Minneapolis, MN. The entire concert was captured on film.

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